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He had found Erika on a website for escorts and had been immediately captivated by her. She was young, but older than he was and in terms of experience, there may as well have been a century between the two of them. It was like coupling with an ageless immortal. If he wanted anyone to take his virginity and introduce him to the new world of carnal pleasures, it would be Erika.

He didn’t want this to be at a dorm. He agreed to meet Erika in a hotel. The whole experience was costly on a college kid’s budget, but it was worth it. They moment that he saw Erika in person, he knew it would be worth it. He still felt fear, worrying that she would figure out that he was not experienced and worried that she would mock him in all those subtle ways that people did when they decided that you were too young in all the worst ways. Worse still, he was worried that he didn’t exactly know what to do or how to move.

Fortunately, it didn’t matter. Erika was a real woman who had done this all before, and letting her take the lead was second nature. She had done this with thousands of men before of all ages, leading in every way and giving them what they really wanted. She was able to make this experience for him everything that he ever dreamed that it would be and more, making them feel as if they had been strongly connected for years, even if they were truly only strongly connected for seconds. This would be his first time, and he couldn’t have imagined a better way to start his life as a fully realized sexual person. Whether the two of them would meet again or not, it would be as if she had never left.

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